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    You need makeup on Video! Here’s how I do it: Free recording

    You do NEED to do your makeup for Videos!
    Short & sweet, I am sharing the 3 essentials I always rely upon to get me camera ready. Here’s how you do it!

    for your recording

    I know You like the all-natural look and of corse you want to look like you! But, it is worth the extra time & effort to spend on yourself to do your makeup well before you get on camera.
    Consider this:

    1. You always want to at least look like you made an effort. Your viewer will perceive more value automatically. (Remember you have about 3 seconds to make a 1st impression & grab someone’s eye)
    2. You are going to feel a bit more special after giving yourself the extra pampering- it’s like self-care for your image!
    3. Makeup corrects for the distortions created by the camera angles and lighting.


    If you were lucky enough to listen in on my FREE training Series: Create an Irresistible Image, we did an entire call (Call #2) focused on makeup for video. If you weren’t registered for the training series, you are missing out! But you can still register for the call recordings and get in on the remaining content to come!

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    Because I want to help you look, feel, and have exactly what you want, please send me your top questions that you want answered today!

    • What do you have a burning desire to figure out?
    • Where are you getting stuck?
    • How are you holding yourself back from standing out and being seen, whether on video, photo, social media, or other?

    Simply email me, tell me what you need answers to and how I can help you.

    I’ll be sending out a video answering all of your questions soon. So, make sure you keep a watch on your inbox! (Of course I promise to wear something fun for you!)
    If you have had a chance to listen to the recordings in our training series, I would love to know what you thought. Please share if they were helpful to you and what your top takeaways were.


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